Saturday, 13 October 2012

the old house

It is surprising to me just how many pictures of this old house I have.The house is located in Calgary's Victoria Park,just north of the Stampede Grounds.Somehow,it just keeps insisting that it's picture be taken.Partly.I suppose because the area around it is rather bleak and very good for taking early morning photos.And partly,too,because it stands off all alone in a district that has very few houses left.

Of all the many pictures I've taken since returning to Calgary several months ago,this is without doubt my favorite.In many ways it is typical of the reality of Calgary.Victoria Park,as well as The East Village used to be a picture of urban squalor.Now,in a very affluent city,most of the houses are gone,torn down to make way for high end condos.I don't recall if this was the house that caught fire one July first,eight or nine years ago,when someone decided to celebrate our national holiday by setting off fireworks-INSIDE.It may have been the house beside it,no longer standing.

The highrise in the background is said to be the tallest in the downtown core,and it is just the first of many planned for the area,which is also scheduled to see an expansion of the Stampede Grounds.In the meantime,affordable housing for Calgary's poor becomes harder and harder to find,in a market that is driven from the top end.


  1. Nice blog about this old house ,I find it well written and I like it. I had also great time reading your blog. Thanks.

  2. KhearP,thank you so much for your kind comments.I hope you will continue to read my blog and perhaps become a follower.